At Lightsource, we believe that our business is simply this: representing talent and opportunity to one another on behalf of both.

Technology Recruiting


Lightsource Corporation is a leader in hands-on recruiting for the designers and decision-makers of technology's frontiers. Your most stringent requirements of high-precision, high-energy, high-purity, high-vacuum — or all of the above — are more critical than ever to the processes, equipment and instruments through which you are shaping the future of industry.

Sustaining Relationships


Lightsource's focus has always been on sustaining relationships with clients, and candidates, working in the most advanced fields of engineering and the physical sciences.

Whatever the state of the global business environment, this cutting edge of high technology faces a continual demand for top talent. And in any application, the engineering and science we've focused on continually flourishes when facing the challenges ahead.

For our clients...


High technology means that the constant advances in engineering their customers demand are also pursued diligently by the competition. The right recruiters can help greatly with the ongoing competition for talent.

Satisfied Clients

  • "I love working with you. Two things that I think set you apart…

    "First — you give me your honest opinion on candidates. If they're so-so, you say so. If you love them, you say so. I never have the feeling with you that you have anything but my best interest at heart. You use all of your (very considerable!!!) people skills to find the best match and don't spend time trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

    "Second — you just 'get' the business. When I say 'apps engineer,' you say 'Yep, got it.' And you do. It's soooooooo refreshing.

    "I guess a third thing… you have a supernatural ability to read people. We click well. You understand me and what I'm looking for. You also seem to really understand the candidates. It's your superpower. I hope you always use it for good, not evil!!!

    "... It's an absolute pleasure to work with you."

    — Senior executive, storage company

  • "Holly Cundiff (Lightsource Corporation) is a dedicated, responsible and as gifted a recruitment professional that I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the semiconductor equipment market (from individual contributors to managers and Executive Management) is outstanding. She really has an understanding of our corporate culture and what is 'key' to our managers making a hiring decision. The resumes are focused, qualifiable and meet job specifications since she has exhaustively detailed each and every recruitment opportunity/opening prior to providing us with candidates.

    "Holly always has focused on 'hire-able' individuals and her candor and truthfulness is refreshing when working before and after interview issues with her candidates. She connects well with our recruitment team and with her candidates because she truly is a people-oriented person.

    "It is a pleasure dealing with a professional and her entire recruitment team."

    — Semiconductor Company

Holly Cundiff, President

Holly Cundiff founded her first business before graduating from college. While earning her degree in Philosophy and Physics from Portland State University, Ms. Cundiff designed the "Aqua Bank," a product which she successfully marketed and sold to water sport companies such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Bombardier.