Holly Cundiff, President

Holly Cundiff founded her first business before graduating from college. While earning her degree in Philosophy and Physics from Portland State University, Ms. Cundiff designed the "Aqua Bank," a product which she successfully marketed and sold to water sport companies such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Bombardier.

Ms. Cundiff sold her business and put her talents to work for NASA and the Department of Defense, for whom she designed and manufactured specialized textiles. One of her designs was launched into space aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

Ultimately, however, Ms. Cundiff decided she found dealing with human beings more compelling than crunching numbers. Her ready mastery of technical issues, combined with powerful people skills that had served her well in her previous endeavors, led her naturally to the field of executive placement within the technology industry.

Since then, Ms. Cundiff has found and placed multitudes of people in top-level positions at many of the nation's leading semiconductor and technology companies.

In her off hours she still occasionally takes a crack at integrating Quantum Electrodynamics with the Theory of Relativity — though she admits she's unlikely to bring off this Nobel Prize-level feat anytime soon.