The Lightsource Philosophy

Talent and Opportunity

At Lightsource, we believe that our business is simply this: representing talent and opportunity to one another on behalf of both.

When we locate those of brilliant capacities and connect them with genuinely suitable prospects, potential is fulfilled in two directions. And we believe we’re successful, ultimately, because we don’t lose our balance.

At Lightsource, we view every client, and every candidate, as our partner in a relationship coherent with the highest standards of transparency and ethics.

Locating Brilliance

Acquisition of talent is never simple. In addition to tact and intelligence, it demands actively cultivated contacts within the targeted industry. And the Lightsource network of specialized HR consultants and industry-savvy researchers is second to none at locating the exceptional individuals our clients require: men and women at the very highest levels of engineering and management brilliance.

Of particular note is our commitment to the semiconductor; capital-equipment; photonics; and MEMS/nanotechnology fields. In these and other cutting-edge areas our research programs continually monitor current developments and track nascent trends.

We do more than find excellent candidates for open positions; we select predictively for the personnel most clearly aligned with your company's — and your industry's — future.

Acquisition of talent is never simple, but a partnership with Lightsource can make it simpler. Because we’re dedicated to finding the candidates you can't, and to finding them before your competition can.