Recruiting for Candidates

Contract People

Flexible Payroll Solutions — Keeping Both Sides In Mind

Lightsource is offers a variety of possibilities for our clients' staffing situations: in addition to our permanent placement candidate search, in 2011 we expanded to include a range of other staffing solutions. Outsourced 1099 contract, open or fixed, can be done via Lightsource's payroll.

Thank you for your support and business: it is a great honor to serve all of you.

Submitting a Resume

Please see our Jobs page for a selection of our current searches. New searches are added to our portfolio frequently, and we encourage unsolicited resumes/CVs from those with extensive credentials and expertise relevant to the semiconductor, microelectronics, technology and capital equipment industries.

Lightsource is actively recruiting technical, scientific and management professionals for a number of critical positions in these fields; we invite such individuals to immediately contact us.

Why Contact a Recruiter?

Most companies' upper-tier human resource requirements, outsourced or otherwise, favor represented candidates. As a technology professional you are already aware that your credentials and profile almost certainly will be best communicated to relevant hiring managers by a professional recruiting firm. Lightsource Corporation saves our clients time and money by locating, screening and pre-qualifying candidates, and it is directly because of this that we are given top priority with hiring managers.

When Lightsource presents a candidate to a client company, that company receives our stated guarantee of peerless qualifications, and profound suitability, for the assignment. Morerover, clients appreciate the fact that we can deliver the high-octane performers they need only insofar as those candidates can be confident in our advocacy. Our success as a recruiting business therefore depends entirely on getting candidates into positions they truly desire, and in which they can be expected to remain satisfied — professionally, personally, and financially.

Managing Your Career

Lightsource recruits exclusively for companies with whom we develop especially transparent relationships. These relationships specifically encourage us to provide the impartial information you need to make career decisions that are right for you. Compensation; skill development; your future with the company and its culture; and all other considerations are kept illuminated throughout the recruiting process from the initial interview to acceptance of a final offer.

We understand that every candidate is looking for what will contribute positively to his or her life and career, and we understand the need to be certain of ones choices. Working with Lightsource as a candidate professional carries with it our complete assurance of confidentiality and support. No information or resume we receive is ever furnished to a third party except under the candidate's explicit direction. And from the moment an application is filed with one of our clients, the candidate's Lightsource consultant will be in constant contact, giving progressive, impartial opinions, and assisting in negotiation of terms and compensation. Our clients' critical vacancies aren't seen as properly filled until the candidate selected is satisfied; until we reach that goal we haven't fulfilled our mission.

Our Pledge to Candidates

While Lightsource is not a job service as such, we nonetheless are eager to provide our prospective candidates with recommendations and advice. Because engineers and other technology professionals often are so focused on their work, industry developments beyond that immediate sphere may go unexamined. Our ongoing research allows us to educate candidates fully in such areas as salaries, skill valuations, and market trends. Having successfully placed so many superb people over the years enables us to supply well-informed career direction, including guidance through the often vexing etiquette of candidate presentation; resumes; interviews; and offers and counteroffers. We're equally diligent when helping sort through all the transitional issues, from geography and culture to housing markets and visas.

Lightsource is pleased to direct you to selected sources of information pertinent to the topics mentioned above. We invite you to look over the candidate section of our site's links page.