Recruiting for Companies

The Fact of the Matter

In any industry the benefits of an outsourced executive search facility are clear. Enhanced budget elasticity, focused resource deployment—these are advantages that resonate far beyond the bottom line. For top companies, well-calibrated HR outsourcing is a tactical part of staying competitive.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the technology sector. Here, the world's most extraordinary talent trades itself in the world's most vigorous—and volatile—marketplace. Here, the ability to locate intellectual resources is the absolute foundation of any company's viability.

Flip the Switch

As a thriving technology company, you know you have a mandate that goes beyond assembling a quality workforce. You need the kind of acceleration that can only be fueled by top-performing, fully up-to-speed talent, and our mandate at Lightsource Corporation is to target exactly that. Throughout your partnership with Lightsource, you'll see why our attentiveness to every dimension of technology recruiting has enabled us to deliver, consistently, nothing less than exceptional results.

Get in touch with Lightsource today to consult with us, under no obligation to you, as to how we can help you meet your company's most critical human resources challenges.

Establishing Priorities

Whether you need to hire a technician or a vice-president, Lightsource will tap network sources worldwide in its search for the most outstanding candidates. And while our reach and resources are global, our focus is on high-end technology companies exclusively. Because of this our service offers the thoroughness and intensity that larger, unspecialized agencies can't provide.

When working with Lightsource, every client is assigned completely new, project-dedicated research and analysis. We initiate a wide-spectrum examination of the company's history, current industry presence, and ongoing aims. Before we come to you with all the answers, we'll ask questions to get an in-depth understanding of your company's culture and trajectory. We make a comprehensive effort toward client/candidate alignment top priority at Lightsource; because of this, we've built a reputation for connecting our clients with people who are not only talented, but ready to hit the ground running.

Targeting the Exceptional

Although Lightsource utilizes some of the largest available-workforce inventories in the world, the fact is that our clients' most critical positions frequently can be filled only by discreet targeting of currently successful, outstanding individuals. At Lightsource, when we conduct research into such passive candidates, we never lose sight of the fact that without identifying and cultivating someone's genuine interest, that person's skills will remain with his or her current employer.

Whatever their origins, you can be certain that every candidate Lightsource sends will have been interviewed thoroughly and sensitively. You'll know that every detail of education, credentials and accomplishments will have been tracked down and verified. Because our consultancy employs select, industry-experienced managers, you can be confident of candidate assessments that are pertinent and precise. And, because we're oriented to provide customized, individual recruiting solutions, you'll profit as well from our consultants' finely-honed intuitive skills.

Going Beyond the Latest Methods

At Lightsource we've focused on emergent-technology recruiting since the beginning and have always incorporated advanced techniques suitable to our methods. But we also know that our clients need more than generated lists, and that they expect access to passive candidates who are likely to escape detection by automated data mining systems. Our experience has consistently proven that by incorporating a more rigorous and personal search method we are able to furnish our clients with the talent they need to achieve and maintain their competitive edge.

A Word About Size

The advantages of a large agency are chiefly of networking vigor. The gains in working with a boutique agency lie in greater focus on the individual mission. Agencies large and small tend to assert their facility at being all things to all clients; in this regard, however, Lightsource is distinctive. Our highly specialized resources combine international networks, as comprehensive as those of any multi-office consultancy, with the innovative and unrestricted recruiting of a more agile boutique operation.

In the technology arena especially, recruiting can be fatally hindered by the hands-off arrangements abundant in generalized search firms. Working with us, you'll benefit from a specialist's sweep of the global candidate pool, without having to speculate about how many of your competitors' people might be off the radar. And Lightsource's commitment to limited assignment-volume ensures that we remain the client's swiftly responsive partner through the entirety of the recruitment process.

Our Assurance of Satisfaction

Lightsource guarantees to replace any hired candidate with whom you are unsatisfied. Your contract with Lightsource specifies that this will be done immediately and at no charge whatsoever to you.