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Image Credits

NASA image: S65-45083

View of the tracking screen in the Mission Control Center

Thermoplastic hologram (laser) N-220

Photographer: Greg (student). Thermoplastic hologram (laser) N-220 with Florence Gerbault

Robert T. Jones at Blackboard

NASA/Langley Research Center (NASA-LaRC): Robert T. Jones at Blackboard (6/18/1946)

Analog Computing Machine in the Fuel Systems Building

Analog Computing Machine in the Fuel Systems Building. This is an early version of the modern computer. The device is located in the Engine Research Building at the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, now John H. Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio.

Female Computer

X-4 program with what Langley engineers euphemistically called "Female Computer" support personnel.

Press room

Press room of the Crew reception Area, Lunar Receivng Laboratory

Dr. Lubos Kohoutek

Dr. Lubos Kohoutek in Mission Control during Skylab 4

Utraviolet Light Source in an Old Galaxy

Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory

An image of the 2MASS southern facility at the Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory (CTIO).

Hubble: The Pleiades

Hubble Space Telescope: M45 - The Pleiades

Satellite antenna

26-meter polar-orbiting satellite antenna.

NMC computer complex

View of the electronic computer complex at the National Meteorological Center.

N-213 Laser Optics Laboratory

NASA/Ames Research Center

Photographer: Ken McAlister. N-213 Laser Optics Laboratory - double exposed polaroid by Ken McAlister (engineer) 3-17-89 with Dana Lynch