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Satisfied Customers

Supernatural Ability

"I love working with you. Two things that I think set you apart…

First — you give me your honest opinion on candidates. If they're so-so, you say so. If you love them, you say so. I never have the feeling with you that you have anything but my best interest at heart. You use all of your (very considerable!!!) people skills to find the best match and don't spend time trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Second — you just 'get' the business. When I say 'apps engineer,' you say 'Yep, got it.' And you do. It's soooooooo refreshing.

I guess a third thing… you have a supernatural ability to read people. We click well. You understand me and what I'm looking for. You also seem to really understand the candidates. It's your superpower. I hope you always use it for good, not evil!!!

... It's an absolute pleasure to work with you."

— Senior executive, storage company

Dedicated, Responsible

"Holly Cundiff (Lightsource Consulting) is a dedicated, responsible and as gifted a recruitment professional that I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the semiconductor equipment market (from individual contributors to managers and Executive Management) is outstanding. She really has an understanding of our corporate culture and what is 'key' to our managers making a hiring decision. The resumes are focused, qualifiable and meet job specifications since she has exhaustively detailed each and every recruitment opportunity/opening prior to providing us with candidates.

Holly always has focused on 'hire-able' individuals and her candor and truthfulness is refreshing when working before and after interview issues with her candidates. She connects well with our recruitment team and with her candidates because she truly is a people-oriented person.

It is a pleasure dealing with a professional and her entire recruitment team."

— Semiconductor Company

A big difference

"The way you help people on-the-fly, the way you talk — with such energy and warmth; small things, like your copyright 'Peopling people,' will always amaze people. It has amazed me. I am not saying it because you are helping me out. This is my sincere opinion. Small things do make a big difference in people's lives."

— Sr. Director Technology, Leading Capital Equipment Company

Process and Result

"I thought you handled the recruiting process very well, and the result was to my liking."

— Mechanical Engineering Candidate

World-class Recruiting Firm

"Lightsource is a world-class recruiting firm. They are very thorough in understanding the position requirements and finding qualified applicants. Holly is a high-energy, super-friendly and personable person willing to go the extra distance to make sure your hiring needs are met. I strongly recommend Lightsource as a recruiting firm."

— Laser Industry executive

Amazing Talent

"It has been one of the greatest experiences in my life to work with Holly to restart my career after three years on hiatus. With a deep insight and exceptional truthfulness, Holly found this wonderful job for me, and guided me with care through the hiring process from the beginning to the end. I truly appreciate her people-oriented professionalism, proactive and timely communication, and her amazing talent to maneuver and make things happen.

To me, even after months passed, Lightsource Consulting stays as a rare example of a profession that works like an angel, changing someone's life with a blessing."

You saved us

"Without your help our current development program would have been severely impacted. So in many ways you saved us! The people you found were all great."

— Nikon Research Consulting of America

Responsive and On-Target

"Lightsource Consulting is responsive and on target. Their recruiters are every bit as accomplished in the hard sciences as the candidates they screen, and have the added dimension to understand the candidate's personality well enough to match them not just with the job, but the manager and company as well. Highly recommended."

— Metrology Co. Mgr.

Patience and Communication

"It is seldom you will see me write a recommendation for an external resource, so this recommendation should be taken with high regard and value. Holly worked with my team during the ____ ramp-up which was a high priority project at the time in 2004. During that time, Holly worked diligently to provide additional leads to the existing research efforts already in place. It wasn't always the easiest task to work with us at _______ because we had a stricter-than-average contract agreement for any outside recruiters. The patience and appropriate communication with the team was always handled in the upmost professional manner and was always appreciated. I would highly recommend Holly and her company to any staffing organization that is looking for additional support in any specialized hiring projects. If your team's bandwidth is short-staffed, Lightsource Consulting can provide the necessary assistance."

— Metrology Co. Mgr.

Refreshingly and Diplomatically Candid

"I know Holly from the job-seeker side of recruiting, rather than the hiring-a-headhunter side. I always try to make time when I get a call from Holly, She is just flat-out awesome to work with — very up-to-date on who is hiring and firing, company cultures, interesting start-ups I'd never heard of, and industries that are rising or falling.

During our first contact, she took the time to get to know me as the person behind my résumè, and has always been refreshingly and diplomatically candid about my likely fit to any given company. I particularly appreciate that she doesn't waste my time, or client time, by trying to spam me off to companies where I'd have little chance of being hired. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for work in high-tech."

— Laser Engineer

Time and Effort

"Thanks for looking into my profile and taking time to match an appropriate opportunity. When most recruiters are working as mass mailers, you took the time and effort to match my profile with an appropriate opportunity and I really really appreciate that."

— S/W Engineering Candidate